Healthy Essentials: 7 Clean Eating Snacks Ideas

Do you often feel the urge to munch something in the evening while watching TV? This is exactly where we fall into the trap… All our efforts to control our appetite, our portions, our calories intake during the day are gone in front of Dexter and a bag of potato chips… But don’t be hopeless because healthier alternatives exist: make your own snacks at home! So you can enjoy both a clean eating snack and Michael C. Hall at the same time, without feeling guilty.

The golden rule is to keep simplicity when preparing clean eating snacks. Avoid recipes that require many steps and ingredients. Drying, roasting, or baking, without too many ingredients, accompanied by a fresh drink (sugar free would be heaven) is a good option.

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Oven Tomato Chips

The name of the recipe is “tomato chips” but don’t believe that this is done by deep frying! It is a very light and flavorful recipe since it concentrates the flavors of tomato by desiccation. Healthier doesn’t exist. And that’s very original for a healthy snack or appetizer! Get the tomato chips recipe here.

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Olive Tapenade

Tapenade is typical mediterranean diet food. You must present it with slices of toasted ciabatta, scraped with garlic and gilded with olive oil … it’s really really good and reminds mediterranean flavors! A 100% clean eating snack! Get the tapenade recipe here.

Granola Bar photo

Clean diet granola bars

These small granola bars are light and digestible, just perfect for kids… and adults too! Granola is a mixture of barely cooked grains laced with nuts and a sweetener like sugar or organic honey. It’s very easy to make at home and way better than what you can buy in stores. They are a lot of fun to play around as there are almost infinite variations. Grab the granola bars recipe here.

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Baked Crispy Apple Chips

Here’s how to marry clean food and snacking! These apple chips are tasty and crispy: a real apple concentrate. Kids will love them for sure. Instead of offering the usual fat and salty potato chips, this is a good way to entertain our taste buds in a healthy way with this clean appetizer recipe. Discover the recipe here.

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Eggplants Herbs Caviar

Eggplant is a staple food when it comes to eat clean. This ingredient is very versatile and has an unique flavor. Always prepare this Eggplant caviar recipe the day before, as it is best when the eggplant caviar is vey cold. This eggplant caviar recipe is a pure delight to enjoy as starter or a snack on small toasts. Eggplant caviar recipe here.

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Spicy Roasted Nuts Mix

Why looking to buy ready-made grilled almonds and salted nuts mixes when you can make your own for a fraction of the price while controlling the amount of fat and salt? In addition, you can vary flavors as you want! This is clean eating snack at the top! Grab the recipe here.

clean eating snacks photo

Guacamole Toasts with Shrimps

Here is a simple and clean guacamole snack recipe which combines the freshness of shrimp and avocado. This healthy marriage of flavors works very well! Get the recipe here.

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