It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like comforting and starchy dishes based on pasta, noodles, rice, and even grains. Even during the low-carbohydrate madness, when everyone was like going bonkers for meat, eggs, and cheese, did anyone stop using up these staples? No way, and this is why that fad didn’t last: life without carbohydrates is absolutely not fun…

Recipes for Pasta - Recipes with pasta

Whole grain starches — including whole wheat noodles, pasta or brown rice — are full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Even the less nutrient-dense carbs like refined wheat and rice can be a sound part of healthy diet.

Pasta and Grains recipes list

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Anyway: we love them. Cooking pasta and grains is very easy. The only thing you really need to know is how to recognize and anticipate the various stages of doneness.

Pasta recipes - Recipes with pasta - Recipes for pasta

Pasta and sauces can be ready in less than 30 minutes and beat anything that comes out of a can. Explore our recipes list for easy techniques for traditional and contemporary rice and grain dishes. You’ll discover how to prepare quick, easy Asian noodles and simple pasta meals that rival the speed and quality of most restaurants and take-outs.

It’s a fact that once you start making pasta and grains at home, you won’t think about going to restaurant to eat this kind of food anymore. And you won’t need to spend another dollar on boxed or frozen processed meals either.

Pasta and Grains recipes list


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