Holiday Cookies: 15 Sweet Treats For Your Holiday Party

Christmas Cookie

2. Easy Christmas Cookies With Candied Fruits

Cookie Recipes

3. Holiday Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Daily Cookie

4. Navette Cookies

simple Cookie

5. The Amarettis Cookies

easy Cookie

6. 4 Spice Cookies

Great Cake recipe

7. Ginger and Lemon Cookies

simple Cookie Recipes

8. Lemon Macaroons Recipe

holiday Cookie Recipes

9. Cats’ Tongues Cookies

delicious cookie

10. Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies


11. Shortbread Cookies

Daily Cookie recipe

12. Chocolate Cookies

holiday Cookie

13. Almond Tiles Biscuits

Best Cookies recipe

14. Almonds Cookies Recipe

Cookie Recipe

15. Coffee Meringue

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Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie?  Do you prefer chocolate or spice?  Would you rather go for an iced and decorated sugar cookie or a molasses ginger round?  Or maybe it’s a crunchy, chocolate-covered toffee bar or a jam-filled cookie.  You have so many choices at this festive time of the year!

christmas cookies recipes with pictures

Whether you’ve baked Christmas cookies for years or are just starting from scratch, you’ll find 15 inspiring recipes that you need right here.  These recipes are the kind that you can bake for friends, family, or just for yourself!  I Hope you’ll find these recipes inspirational because we made them as easy as possible to follow.  Each cookie has a corresponding picture so that you can see if you did it right.


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