By coincidence, breakfast, your first meal of the day is certainly the easiest to cook… even if your mornings are the busiest and most stressful. In no time you can easily fry an egg, serve a bowl of granola, slice a fruit, or toast some bread. And instead of waiting in line at some well known coffee take-away for a latte, you can whip up your own smoothie and a cup of coffee and take them out wherever you have to go.

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Making your own breakfast will quickly improve your cooking skills and eating habits. Making scrambled eggs allows you to learn you how to better control the heat under your skillet, check and recognize doneness as well. Cutting up a simple piece of fruit helps you to practice knife manipulations by peeling, trimming, and slicing. Learn to measure and mix simple batters with an delicious batch of pancakes. All these examples are self confidence-building recipes that you can cook for yourself or your family, the good thing being that you don’t have the pressure of getting a lot of food on the table at the same time.

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If you’re a more advanced cook, or a home cook with more experience, you can use this moment of the day to try different things and vary breakfast and brunch dishes. It’s also a good occasion to sharpen techniques you already know or to learn new tricks: experiment various fillings for an omelet, try new additions and toppings for your cereal, and add perfect cooked eggs in your dishes.

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The most important thing about cooking breakfast is that kitchen is the place where your begin your day, and that’s the perfect idea of getting the best possible start!

Breakfast Recipe List


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