10 Picks To Help You Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Springtime means sunshine, flowers, and spring cleaning. Sometime we dream about that magic button that instantly get us rid of these heavy-duty, painful cleaning chores… We can still dream for a while, but it won’t make the work done! To help you tackle the annual spring clean in the most efficient, and painless way, here is our selection of the ten household products you should have at hand to leave your kitchen sparkly clean and full of good energy.

natural cleaning products

All-Purpose Cleaner

Handy and versatile, it's your go-to cleaning companion. Opt for eco-safe products with natural ingredients: Not only it's better for the environment, but also for your hands!

Replenish Green Tea Starter Kit Bottle with Pod - $6.99 Soap.com

eco friendly spring cleaning products
eco friendly cleaning products

Latex Free Vinyl Gloves

You want snug-fitting yet comfortable gloves while protecting hands from chemicals, germs and messes.

Clean Ones Pure Comfort Latex Free Vinyl Gloves - $5.99 Amazon

best spring cleaning products

Indoor scrub brush

Use a medium-bristle brush for cleaning a variety of surfaces, from tile to carpet. An easy-to-grip handle is a must to avoid sore, stiff hands and knuckles.

OXO Good Grips Household Scrub Brush - $9.16 Amazon

spring cleaning products

Big natural sponges

Clean all the messes like a champ. Opt for large and dense commercial sponges that you can cut in half for better handling.

3M Commercial 7456-T Extra Large Commercial Sponge - $6.53 Amazon

best house cleaning products

Glass and Surface Cleaner

Use it not only for glass and mirrored surfaces, but also to polish stainless steel fixtures.

Glass Plus Glass Cleaner Trigger, 32 Ounce - $6.38 Amazon

srping cleaning products tips

Reusable Cleaning Cloths

Ditch paper-towels in favor of durable reusable cloths, they hold up way better in the wash.

Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth (4-pack) - $7.20 Amazon

spring cleaning household

White vinegar

Dilute withe vinegar with water and you get a powerful cleaning agent for everything from laminate floors to chandeliers. To restore all the brilliance to silverware, just soak them in warm white vinegar.

Heinz White Vinegar Distilled, 128 oz - $7.99 Amazon

spring cleaning cleaners

Multipurpose Powder

This all-time favorite mildly abrasive powder works on ceramic, stainless steel, and porcelain without scratching.

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser (12 pack) - $27.38 Amazon

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