6 Superfood Soups to Warm Your Soul

Feeling chilly? Soup is good for the cold. Cook up a big batch of one of these favorite soups over the weekend and add fixings throughout the week for plenty of heartwarming lunches and dinners. In addition, our selection of soups take it up a nutritional notch with everything from broccoli to cabbage to red lentil. Just scroll down and choose your fave!

6 Superfood Soup Recipes to Warm Your Soul

1. Broccoli Cheese Soup

Broccoli Cheese Soup

This soup has that kind of warm-you-right-up goodness that’s perfect to cap a cold and rainy day.
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2. Sweet Chili Chicken Soup

Sweet Chili Chicken Soup

Crunchy vegetable, grilled chicken and sweet spicy broth make for a healthy and filling soup that’s perfect to warm your soul and belly.
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3. Bok Choy Cabbage Shrimp Soup

Bok Choy Cabbage Shrimp Soup

Take the stress out of dinner! This shrimp and vegetable soup is a quick and no-hassle filling meal that’s packed with flavor and healthy ingredients.
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4. 15-Minute Red Lentil Soup

15-Minute Red Lentil Soup

A super simple weeknight dinner that also happens to be vegetarian.
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5. Chickpea Chicken Soup

Chickpea Chicken Soup

Healthy and comforting, with a refreshing lemon twist! This Mediterranean-flavored chickpea chicken soup is a delicious fall/winter staple, made with (mostly) pantry ingredients.
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6. Instant Chicken and Cabbage Soup

Instant Chicken and Cabbage Soup

To be fair, this isn’t quite as instant as those little packets you mix with boiling water. But this quick chicken soup is a lot more gratifying, a lot tastier, a lot heartier, and a lot better for you.
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