Chicken is mild tasting, not expensive, relatively low in fat, and cooks fast. All of this makes chicken the most consumed course over the year by western countries, more than other type of meat. Without forgetting that we devote an entire holiday to turkey! So you can understand that knowing the best ways to season and cook chicken and poultry will expand your repertoire in ways everyone in your entourage will appreciate.

easy chicken and poultry recipes

Cooking poultry is easy enough, because you can use any cooking technique — grilling, broiling, roasting, stir-frying, sauteing, braising, and frying — with poultry. On Eat Well 101 we try to introduce them all, while explaining which cooking methods work best with what parts of the chicken.

Poultry Recipe list

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All of these recipes also show wise and fast ways to season chicken (and turkey as well). And since poultry has such a mild taste, we will introduce very simple side ingredients that enhance the chicken’s flavor without masking it. You’ll also learn how to make some easy sauces in the pan.

Recipes with turkey - turkey recipes simple

If you’re already comfortable preparing and cooking chicken and turkey, you can use this category and following recipes to test and expand your boundaries: change up your usual seasonings, try new methods or additions, and improve your butchering and carving skills.

Poultry Recipe list

Chicken recipe - roasted Chicken - cooking with chicken image

Roasted Chicken Thighs and Sweet Potatoes

Recipes with turkey - turkey recipes simple image

Feta Turkey Wraps

Turkey recipe - ecipes for turkey image

Herbs Stuffed Turkey Roll

Chicken Fricassee Recipe image

Chicken Fricassee Recipe

recipe for chicken - cooking with Chicken image

Roasted Chicken Stuffed Under the Skin

recipes for chicken Roast Chicken - chicken recipes image

Sunday Roast Chicken Leftovers

- Chicken Stew recipe - recipe for Chicken Stew image

Chicken Stew

chicken soup - chicken soup recipe - easy chicken soup image

Chicken Soup with Ramen and Lemongrass

Chicken recipe - recipe for chicken image

Roast Chicken Drumettes

Simple recipes for chicken - Chicken ecipes image

Sautéed Chicken with Verjuice

Chicken Soup with Spicy - chicken soup recipe image

Chicken Soup with Spicy Prawns

recipe for chicken - Roasted Chicken - Chicken recipe

Roasted Chicken

Chicken recipe - chicken breast recipe image

Stir Fried Chicken Vegetable Curry

A recipe with chicken - simple recipe for chicken image

Sautéed Chicken with Jerusalem Artichokes

recipes for chicken - recipes for chicken image

Chicken Fricassee With Mushrooms

simple recipe for chicken - easy recipes with chicken image

Chicken and Leek Puff Pastry

cooking with chicken - Chicken  recipe - roasted Chicken  thumbnail
recipes for turkey - Recipes with turkey   - turkey  recipes simple thumbnail
ecipes for turkey - recipes of turkey thumbnail
recipe with chicken - Chicken Recipe thumbnail
recipe chicken - Roasted Chicken  thumbnail
recipes for chicken thumbnail
Chicken Stew - Chicken Stew recipe - recipe for Chicken Stew thumbnail
Recipe Chicken Soup - chicken soup thumbnail
how to make chicken - Roast Chicken Drumettes thumbnail
Chickenrecipes - simple recipes for chicken thumbnail
chicken soup recipe - recipe for chicken soup  thumbnail
recipe for chicken - Roasted Chicken - Chicken recipe thumbnail
chicken breast recipe - recipe for Chicken thumbnail
easy recipes with chicken - simple recipe for chicken thumbnail
recipes for chicken - simple recipes for chicken thumbnail
easy chicken recipes - simple recipe for chicken thumbnail
Poultry-recipe---easy-recip thumbnail
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