Learning how to cook fish and seafood is certainly one of the most useful things you can do in a kitchen. First of all, think that fish is the healthiest animal product that you can eat. Fish and seafood are also greatly rewarding to cook: the wide variety of textures and flavors is simply stunning, yet you only have to know a few basic techniques to cook them all. And seafood takes rarely more than 10 minutes of cooking, so those flavored rewards come very fast. Fish and seafood are easy, quick and healthy: what could be better than that?
cooking fish and seafood

But buying fish and shellfish is much difficult than cooking it, here comes often the real frustration. Nowadays, we know that many species are endangered, and we know that many are farm-raised; it’s very hard and often impossible to really tell which fish are wild, which are sustainable, which are farmed, or which came from local waters and which were shipped from the other side of the world. These following recipes and the broad seafood category will go over some basic guidelines for buying fish species that are fresh, tasteful, and eco-responsible.

Fishes and Seafoods list Recipes

Fishes and Seafoods list Recipe

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Once you are able to gather great quality seafood in your kitchen, the possibilities are endless. You’ll learn a variety of ways to quickly and easily cook seafood: from grilling and broiling to pan-frying and roasting to steaming or boiling. You’ll be also taught how to group similar varieties of fish into categories: round and flat fish, 2 or 4 fillets, steaks, thick fillets, thin fillets, and shellfish. Then one more important aspect is judging the doneness so you can cook fish just the way you like.

Fishes and Seafoods list Recipes

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