How to Make Canned Fruits In Syrup

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Canned fruit in syrup can be used in place of fresh fruit in the preparation of desserts and other dishes. The method of preserving fruit in syrup will not only maintain, but more importantly, enhance the taste of fruit. All kinds of fruits can be used, for example, peaches, pears, or bananas. To successfully make delicious fruit in syrup, there are three steps to follow: the preparation of the syrup, processing of the fruit, and preparation of the containers. Here is a breakdown of the three necessary steps for preparation.

1. Preparation of Syrup

The quality of the syrup determines the success of the canned fruit in syrup you want put together. However, it is noted that the quantities of ingredients are not fixed, they depend on preference.

2. The composition of the mixture

This preparation will be for about 8 people. To be successful in creating a good syrup, you will need at least:

  • 1lb (500 g) sugar
  • 34 fl oz (1 liter) of mineral water

Honey can replace sugar for an equivalent amount. Also, the water may be substituted for tea or red or white wine, depending on preference. It should also be noted that the dosage of the composition is not fixed, it can be determined by the quality and flavor of fruits.

However, it is pertinent to note that a sufficient quantity of sugar promotes conservation of the preparation. To make the syrup, just dilute the sugar or honey in the liquid, bring the  mixture to a boil, and then let rest at least 12 hours.

3. The addition of flavors or fragrances

The addition of flavors or fragrances is not required if one wishes to obtain a light syrup. However, to enhance the taste of the syrup and fruit at the same time, a wide range of flavors are suitable for the preparation of canned fruit in syrup. In this case, combine water and sugar or honey, while adding the flavor chosen, like a vanilla bean, half a lemon peel, cinnamon in small quantities or a half-twist of orange.

It is also possible to season the mixture with some spices like coriander, pepper or bay leaf. On the other hand, a little alcohol in the syrup may also help to enrich the taste of the preparation. Rum, white, and cherry alcohols are still the most commonly used for this purpose.

4. Fruit processing

For successful preparation of fruit in syrup, it is important to choose ripe fruit that is firm, so it does not soften too quickly into the syrup. It is also preferable to use plump and juicy fruits to promote the quality of canned fruit obtained. In general, the processing of fruit for canned fruit in syrup is quite similar.

5. The steps in the preparation of fruit

For canned fruit in syrup, for about 8 people, use 1 kg of fruit. After having washed the fruit well, stone them by splitting them into four. In this way, you do not have to peel the fruit. In fact, it is easier to keep unpeeled fruit. Once pitted and cut in pieces, boil the fruit. Then you have to drain and put in clean jars.

Finally, fill the jars of syrup, taking care with a difference of 2 cm between the liquid surface and the edge of the containers. Moreover, for the fruit to absorb the syrup effectively, it is recommended to prick the fruit pieces with a sharp tool like a fork.

6. Preservation of fruit in syrup

After pouring the fruit and syrup into jars, it is important to seal them to ensure the conservation of the preparation. It is particularly preferable to sterilize the containers. To do this, it is advisable to subject containers to intense heat by placing them, for example, in a pressure cooker.

In the absence of a pressure cooker, it is also possible to place the filled jars at the bottom of a pot, making sure to wrap them in cloth to prevent any foreign matter from entering and to remove bacteria. Then you have to pour water into the pressure cooker and set it on fire. Sterilization should last 30 minutes. After this time, leave the water to cool without opening the valve of the pressure cooker.

Finally, after checking the tightness of the jars, you must make sure to keep them in a dry and dark place for a few months before tasting.

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