How to Cook Potatoes

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Cooking is an important step in preparing potatoes. Here are different ways to fulfill this operation quickly, including perforation of the potato.

1. Tips for quick cooking potatoes

The potato is a vegetable that complements many dishes. The cooking step is one that takes more time when preparing a recipe. However, there are several ways to cook potatoes quickly, without necessarily altering the taste.
Several methods of cooking potatoes are quick and easy to carry out. Cooking the potatoes can be done in the oven, microwave or steamer.

2. The steps for cooking the potato quickly

The potato is a vegetable which can take a long time to cook. However, there are several ways to speed this up. To do so, the potato should be prepared beforehand, including a phase of packaging and / or perforation.

Prepare potatoes for cooking

Many techniques have been developed to allow potatoes to cook quickly. In all cases, cleaning is a must. For this, cold water is essential to remove the remains of mud and other dirt on the potato.
The techniques for preparing potato differ from one recipe to another. For baking, the potatoes should be coated with olive oil and salt.
They are then skewered before cooking. However, another method is to coat the potatoes with butter and wrap them in foil before baking.
As for boiling, it is necessary to pierce potatoes in several places. To do so, a knitting needle or fork will be essential. However, cutting the potatoes into pieces also aids cooking. For cooking in the microwave, it is necessary to make holes in the potato.
The potato is then covered with a wet paper towel. Another trick is to wrap the potato in a plastic bag before placing it in the microwave to achieve a steaming effect. Finally, it is essential to wrap the potato in foil. A nail through the potato can tell you about the heat inside of it.

Techniques to rapidly cook the potatoes

Potatoes can be cooked in various ways. The taste will vary depending on the cooking time, but you can even cook them quickly without altering the taste. For baking, the potato is cooked at a temperature of 375 °F for an hour and a half. As for cooking in the microwave, one minute is enough to cook a potato.
To do this, the microwave must be programmed at a power of 800 W. However, with this method, the potatoes should be cooked one by one. For steaming or boiling, the cooking time ranges from 10 to 35 minutes.
The cooking time depends on the freshness and size of the potato. Finally, cooking potatoes buried in hot ashes is a great and funny alternative.

3. Useful information on cooking potatoes

The cooking time of the potato depends on some additional parameters, including the structure of the potato.

How to check the cooking of the potato?

Verification of cooking a potato is an important step. The flavor of this tuber can only be appreciated once it is fully cooked. To check for doneness, it is necessary to bite the inside of the potato with a fork.
If it slides easily inside, then the potato is cooked. Any resistance during insertion indicates that the tuber is not yet fully cooked.

Precautions to consider

The different methods for cooking potatoes quickly do require some care. For the handling of the heating elements, wearing gloves is mandatory. For cooking in the microwave, the potato may explode if holes are not made in it. Also, avoid cooking the potatoes for too long.
Finally, the size and freshness of the potatoes are parameters that affect the cooking. The freshest and smallest potatoes will cook faster.

4. Successful quick-cooking potatoes

There are several ways to ensure the quick cooking of a potato. The most common is to puncture the vegetable from side to side before cooking. For very high temperatures, the foil provides quick and even cooking of potatoes.
As for the microwave, plastic films provide an extra cooking the potatoes. Once cooked, allow different ways to decorate the potato.

The qualities of the baked potato
Once cooked, the potato is an essential ingredient in many recipes. Fried, roasted or mashed potatoes go perfectly with all types of meals. In addition, this vegetable is rich in calories; therefore it is the staple food in many countries. Finally, the potato is readily available and the cost is relatively low.— also Read Canned Fruits In Syrup Recipe

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