Bloody Strawberry Cocktail

Bloody Strawberry Cocktail

A small wink for Valentine’s Day with a flashy red note!

The mix of tomato juice and vodka reminds the well known Bloody mary Cocktail.
Of course, no need to wait all year long for Valentine’s Day: during your meal with friends, take a break with this original cocktail that can scare boys!

Ingredients you will need for the bloody strawberries cocktail

For 10 test-tubes (we found some here on Amazon):

  • 10 oz (30 cl) of strawberry juice
  • 10 oz (30 cl) tomato juicejuice of 1/2 lemon
  • 7 oz (20 cl) of vodka (or more…)
  • Freshly ground pepper

Preparation instructions

Mix together the strawberry and tomato juices previously stored in a cool place.
Pour 2 cl of vodka in each test-tube, add a dash of lemon juice and fill with the strawberry/tomato mix.
Place the pieces into glasses filled with crushed ice and end by raising a round of pepper …

I was about to forget: the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health and gives great headache the next day…

Strawberry and Tomato Juice Cocktail Recipe - Vodka and Strawberry Cocktail Recipe

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