What is a Palette Knife?

A palette knife is useful for moving small items without breaking them, or lifting up pastry without making a hole in it.

This piece of utensil is often overlooked but is a great help when you need to handle very delicate preparations or to plate a dish like a great chef.

Palette knives are also very useful for cake decorating activities like frosting a cake.

Some palette knives items present a wider blade which is intended for moving and turning fish without breaking its fragile flesh because of cooking.

If you intend to buy a palette knife:

Get one palette knife made of stainless steel with plastic handle. You can also get a set of 2: one small and one large.

Here is a short list of popular palette knives found via amazon, recommended by our readers community:

Ateco Ultra Spatulas, Palette Knife for Cooking, Cooking Spatula Set, Spatulas for Cooking
$7.40 via Amazon.com
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