Soups and stews are the original one-pot meals, easy, comforting, healthful, and cheap! What could be better than that? The ingredients are easy to vary, the preparation is minimal, and once things get rolling, you’re free to go do something else for a moment (or a few hours).

how to make soups and stews

The techniques for making both soups and stews are very similar in fact. We can make the distinction by looking at the ratio of liquid to solids. Obviously, soups are more liquid than stews. With both you want to use fresh ingredients — this isn’t an excuse to cook with rejects — but as you’re concerned only with the results of cooking all ingredients together, they need not be as pristine as if you were serving them raw or featuring them on a plate.

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You don’t have time to make you own homemade stock? Don’t sweat it: water is still a fine base for many recipes. (Stock, however, is great and valuable stuff, and of course  we’ve several articles that cover the subject here.) And since you’re not obliged to take out food at some optimal point of doneness, these dishes are almost impossible to overcook!

soup recipe - Pumpkin soup recipe

Soup can be refrigerated and freezes perfectly, so if you really love your efforts (and you certainly will), consider cooking double batches and setting some aside. You can easily warm up soups and stews in the microwave or on top of the stove. And the  leftovers often taste better than the first bowl!

With all of this going for homemade soup, there’s no reason to buy packaged or canned soup ever again! Don’t your think?

Soups Recipes List

Soups Recipes
soup recipe - Pumpkin soup recipe image
Celery Soup - Chestnuts Soup - Soup recipe image

Celery Chestnuts Soup

Pumpkin Soup - Pumpkin Soup recipe image

Pumpkin Soup with Philadelphia

Vegetable soup recipe - Zucchini Soup image

Cold Zucchini Soup

eek soup - Leek Potatoes Soup - Potatoes Soup image

Leek with Potatoes Soup - Potatoes Soup

Recipes for soup - Lentils Soup recipe image

Lentils Soup

Soup recipe - Pea soup - Healthy soup-recipe image

Mint Green Peas Soup

Recipe for soup - Fish soup recipe image

Fish & Crab Soup

Gazpacho soup - Sweet Peppers Gazpacho soup image

Sweet Peppers Gazpacho

Cabbage Soup - How To-Make Cabbage Soup image

Cabbage Soup

Fish Chowder Soup - healthy soups image

Fish Chowder Soup

Vegetable Stock - Home made soups image

Vegetable Stock

Chicken Stock - How to Make Chicken Stock image

How to Make Chicken Stock

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Pumpkin-soup-recipe - Pumpkin Soup  thumbnail
Zucchini Soup - Make-Cold-Zucchini-Soup thumbnail
How-To-Make-Vichyssoise-vichyssoise-verrine-recipe- thumbnail
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Lentils Soup - Red Lentils Soup recipe  thumbnail
Healthy-Pea-soup-recipe-Pea-soup-recipe-fresh-mint-soup-recipe thumbnail
Fish soup recipe - Fish-Soup thumbnail
Easy soup - Gazpacho Red Pepper Recipe thumbnail
How To-Make Cabbage Soup thumbnail
Recipes for soup - Fish Chowder Soup thumbnail
Vegetable Stock - vegetable-stock-broth thumbnail
How-to-Make-Chicken-Stock-Chicken-Stock-Recipe- thumbnail
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