Brunch Eggplant, Cheese and Ham Rolls

Brunch Eggplant, Cheese and Ham Rolls

The smoky, savory eggplant does it all — whether you grill it, fry it, stuff it, roll it, bake it, or roast it… Everything will taste wonderful! Today we’ll make this versatile vegetable a delicious and surprising appetizer, paired with smoked ham, goat’s cheese and fresh herbs. You will get a starter full of freshness with a little taste of vacation! One key is to bake eggplant for a long time (one hour minimum), so do it the day before. You will have more time to cool it down when you make the preparation.

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Ingredients list for  Eggplant, Cheese, Ham Rolls

Serves 3:

  • 3 large eggplants
  • 6 slices of smoked ham (or air cured ham, bacon…)
  • 1 fresh goat cheese log
  • Fresh herbs of your choice (basil, mint, parsley, chives for instance)
  • Olive oil
  • Thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper

eggplant rolls recipe

Cooking instructions

1. Cooking eggplant: Oil a large baking dish. Salt and pepper, and sprinkle with some herbs.

2. Arrange the eggplant split in half. Pour a little olive oil over, and add salt and pepper.

3. Bake in a preheated oven at 320°F (160°C) for 1 hour, turning the eggplant occasionally.

4. Leave eggplants into the fridge overnight.

5. The next day: Spread goat’s cheese generously on each eggplant half. Add pepper (no salt), and divide the whole fresh herbs.

6. Wrap each eggplant in half a slice of smoked ham. Cut in half. Serve on a plate with herb vinaigrette and a few salad leaves.

(Photo by Dominique)

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