Green Tea Lemon Custard

Green Tea Lemon Custard

These little custards are quite simple: cream, eggs and sugar… and the lemon scent is both fresh and invigorating. Add the aroma of green tea and you’ll leave that delicious little cream in a flash. Use the tea you like, with other blends of flowers, spices or citrus.

Ingredients list for the Green Tea Lemon Custard

For 8 bowls of cream:

50 cl of cream
6 whole eggs
100 g sugar
2 tablespoons of flavored green tea
1 lemon zest –
1 / 2 lemon juice

Preparation: Green Tea Lemon Custard

Turn the oven to 180 degrees.
In a saucepan, heat the cream. Turn off the heat once boiling and infuse green tea and lemon zest. Let cool.
In a bowl, beat with a whisk the whole eggs and sugar. Add the lemon juice. Pour the cream gradually cooled and filtered, while still beating.
Skim the cream to remove all the foam formed on top. Pour into individual ramekins. Place them in a double boiler with water halfway up.
Cook for about 30 minutes. The cream should not boil! They are cooked when they are firm but still shimmering. They eventually will get firmer as they cool. Cool out of the oven, then put in the fridge until serving.
Recipe inspired by Dominique

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