How to Choose Your Tea?

The virtues of tea are well established: slimming, anticancer, antioxidant, anti-aging … it keeps the body healthy. To enjoy all these benefits, we must choose tea wisely, based on the desired effects.

Green tea or black tea, which one?

In the world of tea, there are two distinct categories: black teas and green teas. Both come from the same raw material: the tea leaves.
The difference between the two stems from the preparation and packaging methods.

Black tea is produced by oxidation of tea leaves. They are spread out in the open air for several hours after harvest before being dried and packaged.
Green tea is obtained directly by drying the leaves right after harvest.

Between the two types of tea, green tea is probably the best because it has not undergone fermentation and therefore, it will keep all its properties and benefits.

The properties of tea

Antioxidants: These are natural molecules that fight against free radicals, preventing oxidation of fats, to fight against neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, against overweight, bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Tannins: This is an organic molecule that is found mainly on plants and therefore the tea leaves. It allows you to quickly assimilate iron, reduce the absorption of fat and especially fight against microbes.

Catechins: This is a molecule from the flavonoid family of sub-class of flavanols, it changes the distribution of fat on the body and prevent their accumulation in the abdomen.

The EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate): This molecule helps fight against inflammation, carcogenic cells and strengthen the hormones that control appetite.

Theine: acts on the myocardium by increasing heart rate and thus the metabolism. The body begins to burn more calories than usual. That’s why we talk about slimming effect of tea.

The polyphenols, especially flavonoids: These molecules help to strengthen blood vessels and to fight against heart diseases. They give color to the tea infusion with time.

How to enjoy the benefits of tea?

The choice of tea and its preparation are the conditions Sinéquanone to enjoy the virtues of tea. That’s not for nothing that japaneses elevated tea as a ceremonial.

The best teas are those from India (Darjeeling), China, Japan and especially because their teas contain more EGCG. In addition, more tea leaves are large, the better the quality.

When preparing tea, choose spring water because it contains less impurity. Then it must be boiled up to 70 ° C. Soak the tea leaves for two minutes. If you use tea infusion, choose the pyramid sachets because they contain more tea leaves, which are less comprimed in tiny bags.

Photo by: austinevan

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