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How to start cooking at home when you are a beginner cook who just never got around to learning the basics of cooking? And today you want to start to cook your own food? If this is you, you’re not alone. More and more people are finding that cooking at home is the best way to treat themselves while maintaining a balanced diet.

Whether it’s to better control what we put on our plates, or achieve a tasty meal to share with family, friends and colleagues, or whether trying to save money while choosing good ingredients – for many people, cooking is an act with lots of emotional and social implications.

We encourage you to have a look on the updated page for how to start cooking for cooking beginners.

How to start cooking at home

We agree that when you are a beginner and have little time for yourself and your family, you think that cooking by yourself is not a priority, and it is difficult to find the courage and will to learn how.

That’s why, on this page, we want to share some cooking basics for beginners on how to get started in the kitchen. We’ve gathered a collection of articles that cover the basics of cooking, tips for cooking and home cooking recipes, all broken down into several steps to make it easier for you.

We hope you find our cooking tips and recipes useful for getting started in the kitchen. Have a good read!

The basics to get started in the kitchen

Here’s an overview to get a good start when cooking at home.

The beginner’s guide to get started in the kitchen! — Everyone needs to start from somewhere, here’s how to address the beginner’s block.
The 10 essential utensils to get started in the kitchen — What are the most useful utensil when you begin cooking.
Tips for successful recipes — This explains the best ways to ensure good results when following a recipe.
A little kitchen philosophy: 10 little homecooking tips and maxims
 Basic Cooking Methods
All about aromatic Herbs and spices  — Discover the power of herbs and spice to enhance food.

Basic skills and techniques

Here’s few techniques and gestures to get familiar with your utensils and also increase the taste of anything you decide to cook.

How to cut an onion — Lots of recipes begin with chopping onions, here’s the good technique to do so.
How to choose and use oil for cooking meals — Using the good oil is important from a health perspective but also depending on the flavor you want to develop for your dish.
Prepare great marinades to enhance meat and fishes — Marinades are a great way to prepare ingredients before grilling them, maximum taste without any efforts.
How to cook with aromatic herbs and spices — Learn the principles of flavoring your dishes with these treasures.

Essential tools to get started

The essential knives for cooking — It’s said that knives should be the first investment of a chef cook, here’s why and how to choose well.
The Essential Kitchen Knives and Related Accessories — Here’s what to buy when you’re about to make your first steps in the world of chef’s knives.
Kitchen Cookware Essentials — Good pots make good soups: learn how to make the difference between a saute pan and a stockpot.

Few recipes to get started

Some elaborated recipes are made of simple recipes put together: once you begin to master some very basic and simple preparations, you’ll gain in confidence to try new things easily.



Duck & Poultry


Pasta and starches



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