3-Ingredients Watermelon Granita

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3-Ingredients Watermelon Granita
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Watermelon Granita - #watermelon #granita #recipe #eatwell101 - This watermelon granita recipe has just three ingredients and is a delicious and simple way to cool off this Summer.

Watermelon Granita – This watermelon granita recipe has just three ingredients and is a delicious and simple way to cool off this Summer. This refreshing dessert doesn’t require an ice cream machine or churning and its bright, tangy sweetness makes it the perfect afternoon cooler. Enjoy!

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Ingredients list for the watermelon granita

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1. To make the watermelon granita: Combine the watermelon, lemon juice, and sugar in a blender. Blend on a high setting until completely pureed.

2. Place a fine-mesh sieve over a large bowl and pour the watermelon puree through the sieve. Proceed in batches so the sieve doesn’t overflow. Push the puree through the sieve using the back of a tablespoon if necessary. You can discard the remaining pulp.

3. Pour the watermelon juice into a 9 x 13-inch casserole dish and cover with plastic wrap. Freeze for at least 4 hours or until solid.

4. Scrape the granita into fine crumbles using a fork, then serve the watermelon granita in little bowls. Enjoy!

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Tips for the watermelon granita recipe

This cool, refreshing watermelon granita is ideal for the unbearably hot months of summer. Here are a few tips to make the best watermelon granita ever:

  • You can use lime instead of lemon, it is perfect with watermelon and brings a slightly less tangy taste.
  • If you have a really ripe, gorgeous watermelon, you may not need any sugar at all!
  • To avoid scraping a large block of frozen watermelon, scrape every 30 minutes while freezing. The texture will stay fluffier and will be easier to work with when serving.

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