Kitchen Basics: 5 Vegetable Brushes You Can Rely On

If you’re like me and buy regularly your seasonal produces at a local CSA or at the farmer’s market, you know there are certain vegetables you don’t want to clean because they get all soggy and gross. That’s where a good vegetable brush is very helpful. Wood-handled brushes tend to be prettier and sustainable while plastic ones are more practical since the whole thing can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Here are five vegetable brushes that can ensure you never ruin a mushroom again.

1. Vegetable Brush, by Zyliss – $6.69 Amazon
2. Full Circle The Ring Vegetable Brush – $4.99 Amazon
3. Flexible Vegetable Brush, OXO Good Grips  – $4.99 Amazon
4. Hard and Soft Side Vegetable Brush, by Redecker – $8.99 Amazon
5. PalmBrush, by Chef’n – $13.32 Amazon

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