Preparing Christmas – Part Four: The Gourmet Gifts

gourmet christmas gifts pohtoIt is always nice to offer beautiful gift baskets in which you have hidden some delicious homemade sweets. Homemade gifts always make people very happy. Sometimes You do not always know what to offer. Here are some ideas that will make a difference.

How to make a homemade gift box?

You can offer small homemade chocolate truffles in transparent plastic balls that open. Very common in hobby shops, you will find different sizes. Tie the two parts with a pretty ribbon. Surprise is guaranteed! You will always find in hobby shops a whole section for wooden boxes to decorate: tea box, small tray, heart-shaped box, jewel box… You can decorate easily with a little paint, crepe paper glued with nail glue, glitter, stamps, ribbons … In short, everything is possible, and above all will come from your imagination and the person to whom you offer.

Here is an example. It is a box covered with crepe paper with varnish-glue. A ribbon around a butterfly stuck on the lid and a few stars, this is a pretty container to receive shortbread cookies in.

What food gift can I make on my own?

Here’s a selection of easy jams and sweets recipes… all these will please those you love! Discover the slideshow:

Now let’s talk about cookies!

Best Cookies

1. Butter Cookies Just for your Tea

Christmas Cookie

2. Easy Christmas Cookies With Candied Fruits

Cookie Recipes

3. Holiday Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Daily Cookie

4. Navette Cookies

simple Cookie

5. The Amarettis Cookies

easy Cookie

6. 4 Spice Cookies

Great Cake recipe

7. Ginger and Lemon Cookies

simple Cookie Recipes

8. Lemon Macaroons Recipe

holiday Cookie Recipes

9. Cats’ Tongues Cookies

delicious cookie

10. Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies


11. Shortbread Cookies

Daily Cookie recipe

12. Chocolate Cookies

holiday Cookie

13. Almond Tiles Biscuits

Best Cookies recipe

14. Almonds Cookies Recipe

Cookie Recipe

15. Coffee Meringue

Best Cookies thumbnail
Christmas Cookie thumbnail
Cookie Recipes thumbnail
Daily Cookie thumbnail
simple Cookie thumbnail
easy Cookie thumbnail
Great Cake recipe thumbnail
simple Cookie Recipes thumbnail
holiday Cookie Recipes thumbnail
delicious cookie thumbnail
Chocolate-cookie-recipe-cocoa-powder-chocolate-biscuit-recipe thumbnail
Daily Cookie recipe thumbnail
holiday Cookie thumbnail
Best Cookies recipe thumbnail
Cookie Recipe thumbnail


I hope that with all these ideas, you will know what to offer to your friend or family! Do not hesitate to keep jars, metal cans, boxes and decorate cylinder in which you can stack round cookie. In short, everything around you can be transformed and customized to make a beautiful homemade gift.

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