Cranberries: Discover the Cranberries and put them On the Menu.

fresh cranberries imageThe cranberries are small red berries known for their health benefits! Let’s have a look on fresh and dried cranberries and how to put them on the menu.
Cranberries are round and bright red. They are too hard and astringent to be eaten straight away. It’s always better to have them cooked or mixed with other ingredients because they offer a tart taste that goes very well with orange and ginger.

Cranberries exist in various species

Cranberries exist in many different species — like lingonberry from Scandinavia — but the Early Black (small and dark red berries) and Howes (they are lighter and more oblong) are the most common.

Buying and storing cranberries

Most fresh cranberries are sold in plastic bags during fall and winter. Don’t keep those that are not bright red colored or damaged. Store cranberries in your refrigerator for several weeks or freeze them for an infinite period of time.

How to prepare cranberries for cooking:

It’s very simple: wash and dry them if necessary.

Recipes using cranberries

Here are few recipe using cranberries as a main of side ingredient from our index:

Other fruits to substitute to fresh cranberries

Dried cranberries, sour or sweet cherries, fresh currants, or blueberries are valuable alternatives. Or, just think of cranberries as an alternative to these ingredients!

Cranberry juice: a growing trend

The cranberry juice is a very popular product that we can find in many cocktails like Cosmopolitan or Cointreaupolitan. Its sour and tart taste make it very different from other fruit juice and nectars. Just like red wine, cranberry juice is a tannic compound that offer antioxidant properties.


Cranberries Credit  photo by  TheDeliciousLife

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