22 Simple & Easy Lunch Recipes Ideas

Do you need a quick, simple, but delicious recipe for lunch at home or on your workplace? Are you planning a quick lunch for just one or two persons? If you landed here, it’s certainly because you are a cooking beginner or you are bored of canned/freezed food and sandwiches, or maybe you just lack of inspiration at the moment, which is natural for everyone!

 Simple & Easy Lunch Recipes Ideas


 Easy and simple lunch recipes for cooking beginners

To help you in your lunch preparation we selected 22 simple and easy lunch recipes that take no more than 30 minutes to make. For picky eaters, we tried to vary the ingredients at maximum to offer you a wide range of possibilities. Why not planning to make any of these quick lunch recipes once or twice a week? If you do some maths, you’ll see that you’re ready to go for 10 weeks ahead with these simple recipes!

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Try a Recipe:

1st row:
1. Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe
2. Duck Gizzards and Beans Salad Recipe
3. Chorizo Risotto Recipe
4. Chicken with Vegetable, Curry and Basil
5. Pesto and Dried Duck Breast

2nd row:
6. Potatoes Patties Burgers
7. Sauteed Shrimps with Crunchy Vegetables
8. Potato Salad Recipe
9. Sautéed Prawns in Whiskey, Ginger, Coriander
10. Pasta Salad with Pesto and Radish

3rd row:
11. Salmons Quiche Recipe
12. Potato and Pancetta Salad
13. Chicken Breast and Leeks in a Puff Pastry
14. Two Fishes Zucchini Rolls
15. Tart Recipe: Pancetta And Mushrooms

4th row:
16. Turkey Cutlets Roulade Stuffed with Aromatic Herbs
17. Egg Bread Buns Recipe
18. Salmon Fillets In Foil with Leeks
19. Quinoa Salad Recipe
20. Duck Confit Parmentier Recipe

5th row:
21. Salmon Lasagna with Broccoli
22. Peppers Omelette Recipe

Have a good lunch and don’t forget to write a little comment below if  you tried any of these simple and quick lunch recipes!

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