It’s true to say that sandwiches, bread, and pizza are the dishes that home cooks — even experienced ones — tend to not make by themselves. Sandwiches, tacos, and the like are America’s most popular food to take-out; bread is commonly thought to be difficult and time-consuming to bake. And pizza is more closely associated with telephones than with home ovens!
So it’s time to change some minds about all of this, and we are going to try to do so with a collection of simple and rewarding recipes for breads of all kinds.

Easy bread recipes - How to make bread

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Browsing our category, you’ll find lessons on different types of bread and how to use them for croutons, sandwiches, pitas and other wraps. Then you’ll start turning out biscuits, muffins, scones, and other quick breads. Then we’ll move on to the simplest yeasted breads, rolls, and pizza, all easy enough to prove your entourage (and yourself) that baking at home can be a natural part of your everyday cuisine. Along the way you’ll learn the difficult art of measuring and mixing ingredients that guarantees success.

Very few people take the time to make their own bread, but it’s easy enough to add various baked goods to your regular cooking repertory: corn bread to go with weeknight chili, Sunday morning cinnamon rolls, and edible thank-you gifts like a classic homemade banana bread. Or maybe you’ll reveal the baker in yourself and open up a whole new part of your kitchen life. You just never know until you try!

Breads list Recipes

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Pound Cake

Easy bread recipes - How to make bread image

French Toast

Dried Fruit bread - recipe for bread image

Bread Dried Fruit

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Cereals Bread Rolls

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Chic Club Sandwich

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Braided Bun

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Banana Bread

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Chocolate Nut Bread

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Egg Bread Buns

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Apples Bread

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Feta Turkey Wraps

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Chicken and Leek Puff Pastry

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Bruschetta With Sea Scallops

Oatmeal Bread - wheat bread recipes image

Oatmeal Bread

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Pita Bread Sandwich

Homemade bread - Breads recipe - Simple bread recipes image

Olive, Bacon and Cheese Bread

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