20+ Awesome Fudge Recipes for Holiday Parties

by Nina L. Palmer – Updated Dec 28, 2022
20+ Awesome Fudge Recipes for Holiday Parties
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Thinking of making your homemade fudges this year? These 21 delicious chocolate fudge recipes will make your guest’s mouth water and their tummies grumble! Scroll down and pick up your fave, we hope these homemade fudge recipes will be helpful for your next holiday get-together! Including recipes for chocolate fudges, white chocolate fudges, caramel chocolate fudges, and more! 

Fudge Recipes: 20+ Awesome Fudge Treats for Holiday Parties

1. White Chocolate Cookie Dough Fudge

White Chocolate Cookie Dough Fudge

White Chocolate Cookie Dough Fudge - so, so good!
Recipe by Lilluna

2. White Chocolate Caramel Pecan Fudge

White Chocolate Caramel Pecan Fudge

Creamy white chocolate fudge filled with pecans and swirled with caramel might be the ultimate treat for a holiday tray.
Recipe by Bare feet Kitchen

3. Vanilla Bean Fudge

Vanilla Bean Fudge

This is as easy to make as it is gorgeous! Add it to your holiday cookie plate or serve it at a party.
Recipe by Something Swanky

4. Turtle Fudge

Turtle Fudge

An easy chocolate fudge recipe with a caramel center and chopped pecans.
Recipe by Live Well Bake Often

5. Tiger Butter Fudge

Tiger Butter Fudge

This delicious combo makes a delightful treat for the holidays.
Recipe by Six Sisters Stuff

6. Snickerdoodle Fudge

Snickerdoodle Fudge

Incredibly easy to make and tastes just like snickerdoodle cookies.
Recipe by I heart nap time

8. S’mores Fudge

S’mores Fudge

S'mores Fudge with a graham cracker crust and delicious marshmallow fudge topping sandwiching delicious chocolate fudge!
Recipe by Wine & Glue

9. Foolproof Chocolate Fudge

Foolproof Chocolate Fudge

This chocolate fudge is rich, creamy, and so decadent!
Recipe by Baker by Nature

10. Chocolate Caramel Fudge

Chocolate Caramel Fudge

This chocolate caramel Fudge is so easy to make with its salted caramel topping .
Recipe by The Recipe Critic

11. Peppermint Swirl Fudge Recipe

Peppermint Swirl Fudge Recipe

Indulge in candy-shop flavors with these rich swirled squares.
Recipe Via Taste of home

12. Hot Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Hot Chocolate Fudge Recipe

This Hot Chocolate Fudge Recipe brings two of your favorite winter desserts together.
Recipe by Wonky Wonderful

13. Oreo Fudge

Oreo Fudge

This Oreo Fudge whips up with only 3 ingredients!
Recipe by Dessert now dinner later

14. Key Lime Fudge

Key Lime Fudge

You don't have to visit to enjoy this dish made from Key Limes grown here in the tropical south! You can make it yourself.
Recipe by Recipe girl

15. Easy Candy Corn Fudge

Easy Candy Corn Fudge

Layers of creamy fudge flavored with real honey that look just awesome.
Recipe by Mom on Time Out

16. Pistachio Fudge

Pistachio Fudge

Pistachio Fudge-rich, creamy fudge, takes just minutes to make! Add cherries for Christmas!
Recipe by Chocolate Chocolate and More

17. Eggnog Fudge

Eggnog Fudge

Creamy eggnog and warm nutmeg, make this fudge taste just like your favorite holiday beverage.
Recipe by Baking beauty

18. Pralines & Cream Fudge

Pralines & Cream Fudge

These Pralines and Cream fudges are so easy to make at home and require no candy thermometer or crazy technique.
Recipe by Something Swanky

19. Creamy Cranberry Pistachio Fudge

Creamy Cranberry Pistachio Fudge

This easy Creamy Cranberry Pistachio Fudge only takes minutes of hands on time, no candy thermometer, and only has 6 ingredients!
Recipe by Taste and Tell

20. 2 Ingredient Lemon Fudge

2 Ingredient Lemon Fudge

A must-try! The sweet and tangy lemon taste is awesome and only 2 ingredients are needed!
Recipe by Carrie this home

21. Buckeye Fudge

Buckeye Fudge

Buckeye Fudge is what happens when you combine creamy peanut butter fudge with smooth, rich, dark chocolate fudge.
Recipe by Bare feet in the kitchen

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