How to Know When Your Cake is Cooked

Feb 15, 2012
E. Brandy

How to Know When a Cake is Cooked — How Do I Know When Cake is CookedHow to know when a cake is done is a question that is sometime difficult to answer, especially for beginner cooks.

Indeed, the exterior look of the cake is not necessary a good proof of the doneness: your cake might have a golden crust from the outside, but might be not cooked well inside.

So here’s a good old trick

When you want to check if your cake is properly cooked, open your oven’s door then pull the cake pan and prick a knife blade vertically in the center at mid-height:

  • If the blade comes off with sticky dough, then you’ll still have to wait.
  • If the blade comes off dry, then the cake is cooked!

Simple isn’t it? Well, that’s the kind of old tricks that are easily overlooked but very useful.

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