Dinner Menu: A Sweet And Fresh Dinner Menu For This Week-End

What are you going to cook for this week-end evenings? Maybe you’ll want to take an outside lunch in the garden or on the terrasse? Today we bet on a sweet and fresh menu including fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. We keep it very simple as it’s not so good to spend too much time in the kitchen during these summer evenings: I personnaly prefer to stay with my guests and not worry too much about the service.

1. Starter: 

Cold Cucumber Soup with Goat Cheese, Chives and Basil:
This delicate cucumber soup will delight the goat cheese amateurs. Try too keep the prepared bowls or plates in the refrigerator before serving, you’ll just have too add some basil for the decorative touch.

2. Main Dish:

Duck A l’Orange:
The sweetness of duck at its best. This classic recipe is orchestrated french way. The sweet/sour flavours ensure a nice transition, directly toward the dessert.

3. Dessert:

Homemade Lemon and Honey Sorbet: The subtle balance between the lemon’s acidity and honey’s sweetness keeps our palates in good condition. The lightness of the sorbet allows to end up the dinner without feeling too much full and finish the evening talking with a drink.

So, what’s your plan for this week end? Don’t wait for monday to tell us what was on your table!

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