12 Basic Rules for a Successful BBQ


Often shy in the kitchen, men cannot resist to express their full virility potential when it comes to BBQ. But to get the most out of a barbecue party, we should make sure they follow certain rules to help everyone enjoy the grilled meat (and not screw up the lunch when they go wrong!).

1. Keep meat refrigerated until ready to cook. Do not let it wait under the sun for the barbecue to be ready.

2. Before you cook pieces of meat, remove visible fat because it releases a substance that can be carcinogenic when it ignites.

3. To cook your sausages faster, boil them first. This will reduce their fat content.

4. Do not leave cooked meat to come into contact with raw meat as this can cause cross-contamination. Do not use the same plate for raw meat and cooked meat.

5. For optimum cooking and fine brands of roasting, turn the meat only once.

6. Avoid using a fork to handle your meat, as by biting or cutting meat while it cooks, juice escapes and the meat dries out. Use a BBQ clamp.

7. For the same reason, do not salt the meat before cooking.

8. To prevent the meat from drying out, you can baste it during cooking.

9. So that food does not stick to the grill, preheat it for a few minutes and brush with oil.

10. To avoid the food igniting, do not hesitate to remove the grill coals.

11. Sponge pieces of meat as you get them out of the marinade before cooking, this will prevent any spills while cooking.

12. After enjoying your barbecue, it must remain clean of course. You can use a wire brush to remove traces of food. More simple: you can use a newspaper to rub the grill and remove most of fat. You can then finish cleaning with a simple sponge.

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