4 Amazing Ways To Enjoy French Fries


Making French fries is very simple but it can be repetitive if we stick to the same recipe all the time. Today will see 4 uniques ways to eat fries, try them and you’ll see that fries are just as good when you cook them differently! Here’s how to can do to vary your homemade fries:

Fries as an appetizer

Finely cut thin potato sticks, like matches. Proceed as for the regular fries recipe but let them fry longer so that they become properly crisp. Salt and serve with a hot spicy sauce.

Baked scented fries

Pour olive oil in a bowl, add all spices you want and let your raw potato sticks marinate 15 minutes. Grab them out and bake them in a preheated oven for 30 minutes. Once browned serve them immediately.

Cheesy fries

Make mashed potatoes and mix it with parmesan cheese. Spread off 1/2 inch (1, 5 cm) thick in the bottom of a baking dish; or flatten it between two food grade  films Put everything into the freezer. After ten minutes, cut sticks out of the frozen mashed potatoes sheet. Deep fry your cheesy potato sticks for a few minutes.

Vegetables Fries

This works the same as for regular potato fries, but switch the main ingredient: Use sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, peppers, beets… Try with any vegetable you can possibly think of!

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