Juicy and Tender Roast Turkey

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Juicy and Tender Roast Turkey
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Juicy and Tender Roast Turkey - #turkey #thanksgiving #recipe #eatwell101  - This is the best roasted turkey recipe you'll ever need for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner!

Roast Turkey Recipe – This whole roasted turkey is rich and packs all of the flavors. Incredibly delicious, tender, and juicy meat. The turkey is rubbed with a mixture of fresh herbs, seasoning, and olive oil, then roasted in the oven for 2 hours for golden crisp skin and moist meat that almost melts in your mouth. This is the best roasted turkey recipe you’ll ever need for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner!

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Ingredients list for the roast turkey recipe

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1. To make the roast turkey: Place a rack in the lower third of the oven; preheat to 350ºF (180ºC).

2. Place the turkey, breast-side up, into a large roasting pan; pat dry with paper towels. Season inside the cavity with instant bouillon cube, salt, and pepper, then place 1 onion, lemon, and several rosemary sprigs in the cavity. Tuck the wing tips under the turkey. Tie the legs together with the kitchen string.

3. Mix chopped herbs, garlic powder, olive oil, salt, and pepper in a small bowl. Rub the herb mixture all over the turkey, under the skin, and onto the breast meat.

4. Add 2 cups water to the baking pan, sliced garlic, the remaining onion, and the remaining herb sprigs to the pan. You can add quartered potatoes and chopped celery branches, but that’s completely optional.

5. Roast the turkey until an instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest part of a thigh without touching the bone registers 165°F (74ºC),  about 2 hours. If the roasting pan dries out, tilt the turkey to let juices run out of the cavity into the pan and add 1 cup of water.

6. Transfer the roasted turkey to a serving platter and cover it with foil. Let the turkey rest for 20 minutes. Remove the string and carve the roasted turkey before serving. Enjoy! ❤️

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Tips for the roasted turkey recipe

  • Try our homemade turkey rub to season the turkey in addition to the seasoning from the recipe.
  • We count about 3 minutes of roasting time per pound, so adjust depending on the size of your turkey and your oven.
  • We roast at 350ºF (180ºC), which might be too hot for larger birds. If you have a larger turkey, around 20lbs or more, switch your oven to 325ºF (165ºC).

How long does it take to cook a turkey?

Cooking time for turkey varies depending on a few parameters:

  • The size of the turkey: Generally, a turkey must cook for about 13-15 minutes per pound.
  • The temperature of your turkey before roasting: If your turkey comes out of the refrigerator and is not close to room temperature when it goes into the oven, it will take longer to roast. So bring your turkey to room temperature while prepping to take less time when roasting

How to keep roasted turkey leftovers

Keep roasted turkey leftovers for up to 3 days in an airtight container in your refrigerator. You can use turkey leftovers for making soups, sandwiches, salads, and more!

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