10 Different Ways to Cook Potatoes

10 Different Ways to Cook Potatoes

We got an email from Jessica last week, shed said that her husband  just loves potatoes, so she tries to cook them for him every night — but personally she easily get sick of them so she tries cooking them different way each time. So her question was if there’s any other ways to cook potatoes without adding any spare ingredients other than the basics salt, milk, butter, cheese or garlic.

   Different Ways to Cook Potatoes

Spicy Oven Baked Potatoes Recipe

Very easy to do, this is a nice change from traditional water cooked or steamed potatoes.

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Potatoes patties burgers

The potato patty burgers all the advantages: it is simple, quick to make, tasty and won a huge success with children (and parents too).

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Potato salad recipe

This potato salad is a very complete dish, quickly eaten but satisfying, with flavors that give it an air of summer! It can also be carried in your lunch box.

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Roasted lamb shank with potatoes recipes

For cooking, I offer a simple roasted lamb shank recipe, roasted with rosemary, potatoes and purple carrots.

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Potato and pancetta salad recipe

What about a nice salad with these small potatoes? What I like about this is that it’s quick to do and so good! We add pancetta to remind Italy. A beautiful onion, arugula, olive oil, and presto you’re done.

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Potato gratin with thyme and cilantro

How to rediscover the potato gratin? I agree the word “potato” in a recipe is not the epitome of glamorous. Here’s a herb scented version. Yet with this recipe, just with butter and herbs, it’s a simple joy of flavors thataccommodates with all poultry, fish, red meat or just a good slice of ham …

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Mashed potatoes with oysters

This mashed potatoes recipe with oysters can be a surprise for your guests and a great moment of happiness taste.

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Baked stuffed potatoes recipe

The principle of this recipe is simple: a large melting potato is hollowed along its length with an apple corer.

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Pommes noisettes recipe

Pommes noisettes belong to the fried potatoes category. Pommes noisettes are small “balls” of potatoes which are obtained using a round spoon also known as “parisienne scoop.”

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 10 recipes using  potatoes from a different ways

How to Cook Potatoes? Are you tired of plain old boiled, baked, and mashed potatoes? Do you wonder what are some different ways you can cook potatoes? And what can you do so Potatoes wont taste so bland?

Well, to answer to Jessica and other readers who are fed up of the perpetual duo: knacky sausage and mashed potatoes, we made a little research deep into our recipe archives!To help you vary your menus, here’s a selection of 10 recipes using potatoes from a different ways:

   Try a Recipe:

What’s your favorite potato recipes? Leave a com

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