It’s really not common to find someone who doesn’t have at least a bit of a sweet tooth. Most of us have more than a sweet tooth; and making desserts from scratch is an incredible way to satisfy this.

Desserts Recipes  - making homemade dessertThere is a strange mystique involved in pastry and making dessert, which suggests that it’s much more difficult than regular cooking. On a certain scale, there’s some truth to that (especially in the professional cooking world), but is this the case for home cooks? No way. Whereas precise measuring plays a greater role, much of dessert making is to simply follow the recipe. Apply the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid. And, just as in cooking dishes, after you learn the few basic techniques and principles you’ll have a lot of leeway to customize and turn recipes according to your liking.

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In this category you’ll learn most of the important basic dessert techniques by using them to produce some all-time favorites: you’ll cream butter to make cookies, separate eggs for mousse, make and spread icing for cake, roll out dough for pie, and more. You’ll quickly learn that, while it’s important to be precise, it’s also easy to be precise.

Desserts recipes - Simple dessert recipesOne word about equipment for desserts: all of the recipes on our blog can be made successfully by hand. But we won’t hide the fact that having a handheld electric mixer and a food processor will make your work go much faster. Even if you’re going to bake occasionally, these are worthwhile investments.

Our guess is that it will take only one or two recipes to completely evaporate your worries about preparing desserts. After that, all you’ll have to care about is to learn to control your sweet tooth!

Desserts Recipes list

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