Holiday Drinks: Persimmon Champagne Cocktail

Nina L. Palmer

holiday champagne cocktailThis is the season to break out the bubbly with winter flair! This persimmon-champagne mix makes an especially vibrant clean cocktail, perfect for a New Year’s Eve toast.

Ingredients list for the Persimmon Champagne Cocktail

  • 2 persimmons, peeled and diced
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar + sugar for coating the edges of the glasses
  • Dry Champagne
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easy champagne cocktail

champagne cocktailchampagne cocktail recipe


1. Puree the diced persimmons in a blender and filter to collect the juice and discard the pulp. Bring juice to a simmer with sugar until syrupy (just a few minutes) then set aside and allow to cool. Add extra water if the mixture is too thick.
2. Meanwhile dip the edge of the flutes in water then dip in a plate with sugar. Sugar will harden when drying.
3. Pour approximatively 2 tablespoons persimmon syrup in each glass and fill to the top with champagne.

Notes: Use Hachiya persimmons rather than Fuyu because they are sweeter when ripe and perfect for juicing.

easy champagne cocktail recipe

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Holiday Drinks: Persimmon Champagne Cocktail