The Secret to Getting Meat Tender After Cooking

How to Keep Meat Tender - Make Meat Tender After Cooking - How to Tenderize Cooked Meat

It’s a common fact that when you serve a piece of meat right after cooking, it sadly appears to be dry…

Even if meat is served rare or medium-rare, you would like to have it more tender, wouldn’t you?

The reason is very simple. When you cook meat, the cooking heat causes the juices to concentrate, so the outside dries up. Here is a tip to avoid this.

How to tenderize meat after cooking

In order to tenderize a cooked steak, you just need to leave the meat to stand for 5 minutes after cooking, until the juices flow back towards the outside. Then you’ll be able to serve perfectly juicy meat. For a roast beef you’ll need to wait longer — about 20 minutes .

To do this you can let the meat rest in a warm place, loosely covered with aluminium foil. You can put it on a warm plate, for example. Be careful not to cover too tightly because it will cause the meat to sweat.

This also works well with fish, which will be even more tender. Just try it when you next cook salmon fillets!

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