How to Choose Your Blender?

How to Choose a Blender - How to Select a Blender - Best Blenders and Food Processors

Soups, purees, smoothies, or gazpacho, all these delicious meals are prepared using a kitchen blender. The blender is the essential accessory if you want to prepare easily these types of dishes on a daily basis.

Blender, food processor, hand blender: there are different types of mixers, suitable for different uses. You can also choose your equipment depending on the place you have, your culinary needs, its power, but also its ease of maintenance.

What type of blender to choose?

  • The hand blender: it is less bulky and the easier to use. You plug into an electrical outlet, and you can mix soups, purees, smoothies and milkshakes in no time, directly into the pot. Choose hand blender models that comes with a removable head for cleaning up the tip and eventually go in the dishwasher. You can mix your preparations directly in the bowl or cooking pan. However, don’t expect to be able to mix meat, or stronger preparations.
  • The countertop blender: it is relatively larger than a hand blender, however its size is mainly in height. A blender bowl can reach 20 cm high. its bowl can contain one or two liters of preparation according to the models, and quality of obtained mix is generally higher than with a hand blender. The mixtures are smoother. As for the hand blender, prefer a model with a removable parts for greater ease of maintenance, so you can pass the blender bowl into the dishwasher.
  • The food processor: larger than the previous two types of mixer, you can engage in more elaborate culinary preparations. Depending on the model, the food processor will chop meat, knead pastry, mix your cake batter and mix your soups, purees and compotes in a wink. Preferably choose a model with a blender bowl or mixing bowl, if you have a little storage space in your kitchen. With the blender bowl, you can prepare your smoothies, soups and gazpacho, with the mixer bowl you can make ground meat, pie dough or cake batter.

Where To Buy a blender?

Many small appliances distributors offer many blender models at attractive prices, however, do not hesitate to compare prices – if you have some time before you – with those offered by e-commerce sites.

Here’s a selection of the best selling products for each family of blender available to order on Amazon.

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