How to Choose your Coffee Bean Grinder

How to Choose a Coffee Grinder - How to Select the Best Home Coffee GrinderEach family of coffee grinders has advantages and disadvantages. By knowing your needs, you can choose your grinder accordingly.Currently there are three types of coffee mills that share the market, the mill with a timer and without a dose dispenser, the mill with dose dispenser and the mill without dose dispenser.

For every need there is the type of coffee grinder, make your choice:

  • For your espresso machine you want the exact dose of freshly ground coffee every time: the coffee grinder without dose dispenser with timer is for you. This is clearly my favorite because it combines the advantage of the mill without metering — the coffee is live — while retaining the ability to set the timer and thus its dose  — I have a slight preference for the transition models Ascaso who have a very powerful Timer — .
  • You want to grind a small supply of coffee for your drip coffee maker, Italian coffee maker or coffee press, prefer the coffee grinder without dosing dispenser.
  • You want to take your dose of ground coffee quickly because you want to serve plenty of coffee cups, think about the coffee mill with dose dispenser as it is the ultimate coffee mill in bars and restaurants.

Finally some baristas only swear by the coffee mill without dosing, to grind the coffee directly while using the perfect dose of 7 grams of coffee. (weighed with a small scale) to achieve the perfect espresso. What a program!

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