12 Original Tapas Recipes Ideas

Here are some original Tapas recipes ideas for simple and cheap appetizers. You can taste these healthy tapas appetizers in a convivial drink with friends, or even at a dinner outside the box.
Unusually, I will not give you proportions for this tapas recipes, but rather ideas for combinations of flavors and ingredients to build on your tapas bread slice.
For these Tapas recipes , toast slices of fresh bread from on one side (in the toaster or oven). Then rub the toasted side with a ripe halved tomato, you must leave some flesh on the bread. Then add a dash of olive oil. Then on each piece of bread:

spanish tapas recipes - Healthy Tapas Recipes - simple tapas recipePhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

1 .Tapas: tuna rillettes, Philadelphia cream cheese, lemon, quail egg, anchovies and paprika.

Spread a dollop of tuna rillettes (made with tuna in brine for an half, and Philadelphia cream cheese for the other half, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice). Place over a half-boiled quail egg, anchovies and half a pinch ofpaprika.

2 .Tapas: tuna rillettes, piquillo, sweet pepper and olive.

– Spread a dollop of tuna rillettes, add a slice of a piquillo (sweet peppers in a jar or box) and an olive.

 3.Tapas: Tuna rillettes, capers, small white onion, grated hard-boiled egg and anchovies.

– Add a spoonful of tuna rillettes, few capers and a small white onion finely chopped. Spread a grated hard-boiled egg (white and yellow) on top, end up with an anchovy.

4. Tapas: Crab, mayonnaise, lemon juice, Espelette pepper, piquillo, quail egg and dill.

– Mix canned crab or surimi with a little mayonnaise and a dash of lemon juice. Add a pinch of Espelette pepper. Spread on bread, add a slice of piquillo, half a quail egg (hard boiled) and a sprig of dill.

5. Tapas: Fresh tomato, tuna, piquillo and olive.

On the bread, lay a piece of fresh tomatoes. Add a little tuna in brine or tuna in oil. Add a slice of piquillo and an olive.

6. Tapas: Eggplant caviar, anchovies and cooked shrimp.

Spread on toast, a dollop of eggplant caviar (recipe here). Add anchovies and a cooked shrimp.

Easy tapas recipes - Simple tapas recipe - Original Tapas Recipes Ideas - Healthy Tapas RecipesPhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

7. Tapas: Fresh tomato, anchovies and ham slice

– On the bread, spread a little fresh tomato pulp. Put on a fresh anchovies and a slice of ham, chorizo ​​or lomo.

8. Tapas: Fine ham, slice of dry cheese, fig jam and pine nuts.

Layer a thin slice of ham or pork loin, a slice of dry cheese (Manchego), the fig jam and some pine nuts.

9. Red cabbage, crab, mayonnaise, green pepper strips and cherry tomatoes.

– Mix finely shredded red cabbage, crab and a little mayonnaise. Spread a spoonful of this mixture over the bread. Add a slice of green pepper and half a cherry tomato.

10. Tapas: Piquillo stuffed with brandade and fresh parsley

– Place small piquillo stuffed with brandade on each bread slice. Decorate with some fresh parsley or chervil.

11. Tapas: slice of blue cheese, onion jam (see recipe here) and some chopped nuts.

– Place a small slice of blue cheese on each bread slice. Add a teaspoon of onion jam and a few chopped nuts.

12. Anchovies, smoked salmon, lemon and basil leaf.

– Combine a fresh anchovies laid on a slice of smoked salmon, add a slice of lemon and a basil leaf.

Tapas bonus: chorizo, artichoke, basil or parsley

On each piece of bread, lay a slice of chorizo ​​and a mini artichoke heart (boxed). Finish with a leaf of basil or parsley.

So, what do you think of  this Tapas Recipes Ideas?

Now let your imagination flow … and enjoy!

(Image Dominique Sauvages)

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