The 6 Healthiest Snacks Recipes You Can Make at Home

Have you ever thought of making your own healthy snacks? Since snacking is an habit that is quite common among all of us, why not having a take on delicious and healthiest snack recipes we can do at home?
Snacking is a tricky subject as it can seem difficult to pick up a quick bite on the go with all the industrial snacks available today. Grocery store shelves are full or candy bars with high fructose corn syrup and potato chips that sweat hydrogenated oil, so what are we going to do? Cook them by ourselves! You will see that making homemade snacks is healthier than buying chocolate bars… and cost effective at the same time. Just have a look at the following snack recipes and you will understand why…

Healthy Dried Fruit and Nuts Snacking recipe image

Dried Fruit and Nuts Bars

These small cereal bars are light and digestible, just perfect for kids… and adults too! This recipe for dried fruit bars is aimed at children, but aren’t we all older kids? Besides this, nothing prevents you from preparing these little fruit and cereal bars just for fun. They taste really good, soft and are perfect for nutritional balance.

Healthy Tomato Snacking recipe image

Oven Tomato Chips

Here’s a very simple recipe for today. The name of the recipe is “tomato chips” but don’t believe that this is done by deep frying! It is a very light and flavorful recipe since it concentrates the flavors of tomato by desiccation. Simpler doesn’t exist. And that’s very original for a healthy snack or appetizer ! Preparation: 5 minutes Cooking:

Healthy Puff Pastry Straws Snacking recipe image

Puff Pastry Straws

Here is one of the most simple recipe to make puff Snacking sticks … sesame and thyme to nibble as an Snacking. You can also, once laminated, surround them with cold ham served as an appetizer.

Healthy Apple Chips Snacking recipe image

Baked Crispy Apple Chips

Here’s how to marry healthy food and snacking! These apple chips are tasty and crispy: a real apple concentrate. Kids will love them for sure. Instead of offering the usual fat and salty potato chips, this is a good way to entertain our taste buds in a healthy way with these apple chips.

Healthy Quinoa & Almond Snacking recipe image

Quinoa & Almond Cookies

This recipe belongs to those found in “Saveurs”. It was tweaked a little bit as friends with gluten allergies wouldn’t be frustrated. It can be very difficult to do it without wheat. Butter was also replaced with hazelnut oil.

Healthy Spiced Nut Mix Snacking recipe image

Spiced Nut Mix

Why looking to buy ready-made grilled almonds and salted nuts mixes when you can make your own for a fraction of the price while controlling the amount of fat and salt?

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6 simple recipes to snack healthy every day

Preparing homemade snacks is something we rarely see people do but snack recipes are surprisingly easy to make. Homemade snacks are healthy because you simply don’t have to add additives and chemical craps to make food that taste something! The benefits are worth it though: you will stay in shape, have steady energy and your body will feel light and refreshed throughout the day.

If you have any snacking tips and recipes please share the knowledge in the comments!

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