Top 20 Seasonal Vegetables to Cook in Fall

Seasonal Vegetables to Cook in September - Seasonal Vegetable September - Seasonal Vegetables Chat

Beets, cauliflower, cucumber, fennel, lettuce, beans, see the list of seasonal vegetables to eat or cook in September.

Eat tomatoes in September

Composed of almost 95% water, tomato is a fruit very ideal for a full intake of vitamins for September. Choose it firm enough with a smooth skin, unblemished, and with a bright color. Tomatoes can be kept at room temperature rather than in the refrigerator where it risks losing its flavor.
The tomato is eaten in a thousand ways: raw, with or without skin and with or without seasoning. Hot tomato is eaten in sauces, roasted “a la provencale”, pie, quiche, etc…

Eat eggplant in Fall!

Very low in calories, eggplant is one of the top vegetable in September. Before serving, you should choose a firm and dark and bright purple skin.
To maintain its nutritional benefits, it is better to steam eggplant. You can taste it in many forms: egg plant caviar, stuffed with ratatouille, or as an accompaniment for meat.

Eat broccoli in Fall!

Very rich in vitamins, broccoli is a very nutritive green vegetable. You can choose the broccoli with lush green leaves and keep 4 to 5 days in a plastic bag in the bottom of the refrigerator with vegetable.
To eat, simply pass the broccoli under water after cutting the stem. It is then cooked with steam for 5 minutes or in boiling water for 8 to 10 minutes. For it retains well its green color, one must immerse in ice water for a few minutes after cooking.

Eat artichokes in Fall!

September is the last opportunity this year to eat artichokes. Full of vitamin, the artichoke is a perfect vegetable for the fall. Chooses it bold, firm and as much as possible with lush green leaves (black, they indicate that the artichoke was picked for too long).
The artichoke is eaten as a garnish or in an omelette, but it canalso be eaten with vinaigrette or white sauce after cooking in boiling water or steamed.

Eat garlic in Fall!

Garlic can be eaten throughout the year, raw or cooked, chopped, whole or crushed. It allows the dishes to get a strong flavor. It can be picked into a meat, grated for a seasoning sauce. Rub it on bread or a bowl to scent the dishserved

Eat beets in Fall!

Beets can be eaten raw, grated or finely diced, at any time of the year.
It occurs raw very rarely and mostly already cooked. It fits perfectly to lamb’s lettuce or potatoes, for example.

Eat chard in Fall!

Low in calories, Swiss chard are among the forgotten vegetables. They are eaten cooked, like spinach, in prepared pies or as an accompaniment for meat or fish.

Eat carrots in Fall!

The carrot is a vegetable that is consumed throughout the year.
We often eat grated carrots. You have to remember to season them at the last minute or to pass under a flounder with lemon juice to prevent them from darkening. As cream, soup, puree or pie, carrot are also eaten in all forms and accompany deliciously tasty dishes.

Eat celery in Fall!

Stalk celery, can be eaten raw after removing the coarse end of each branch. It can be enjoyed as an appetizer with a sauce more or less spicy.
Cooked celery is a the heart of transcending meat, served “au gratin” in white sauce.

Eat cabbage in Fall!

Full of vitamins, white cabbage is ready for its anti-carcinogenic benefits. Before cooking, chose it rather heavy, well supplied with green leaves. The cabbage will keep for several days in the bottom of the refrigerator.
It is eaten in salads (fresh and perfect for summer), mashed or sauerkraut in particular. Hint: make it sauteed with thin sliced bacon, then cover with a glass of water and low heat. Add various spices according to your tastes.

Eat cauliflower in Fall!

With an ultra-moderate calorie, cauliflower is an ally of slimming menus throughout the year. It is eaten raw, in bouquet during an aperitif or cooked inboiling water.
Raw, it is eaten with a dressing or sauce, cooked it is an original side dish. It can also be enjoyed with cream, au gratin or with mashed potatoes for example

Eat cucumber in Fall!

Very low in calories, cucumber is composed of more than 96% water. Choose very firm cucumber but not too hard either, it should be just crisp to the bite.
Cucumber is eaten mostly raw in salads, grated, sliced ​​or diced. It may be accompanied by a sauce made of yogurt or sour cream.

Eat zucchini in Fall!

Very low in calories, zucchini is also very good sources of fiber and aid digestion. Choose it smooth and firm. Zucchini are often eaten cooked. Raw, they make very good salads.
Cooked, they are eaten as ratatouille, fried, or as an accompaniment to a pasta dish, a meat or fish.

Eat spinach in Fall!

Spinach have their own legend conveyed by Popeye… They are indeed a very good source of iron.
But legend or not, spinach is an excellent source of nutrition if eaten raw in salads. They can also be eaten cooked, possibly with a bechamel sauce.

Eat fennel in Fall!

Fennel is a vegetable with moderate caloric intake (even if it contains a small amount of fat – polyunsaturated fatty acids. Chose it very white and quite firm. It can be stored up to one week in the refrigerator.
We eat fennel in salad, or grated to garnish fish dishes, veal or lamb. We can also use it in sauce or even a dessert! (pie or fruit salad).

Eat corn in Fall!

Corn on the cob is a vegetable rich in fiber. It is chosen with pale green leaves and yellow shiny and plump grains. Corn is eaten warm, blanched in water, but also in salad. It is also a perfect garnish for meat dishes and roasted poultry.

Eat leeks in Fall!

The leek is chosen with a very white rod. It is steamed or blanched in boiling salted water. You can taste the leek hot as an accompaniment to meat or fish au gratin with a white sauce or bechamel sauce, or cold with salad dressing or mayonnaise.

Eat peppers in Fall!

Full of vitamin C, peppers are also rich in fiber. Pepper must have a good smooth skin, firm and shiny. It can be refrigerated for several days.
Uses raw peppers in salads but also cooked in an omelet or a pizza.

Eat potatoes in Fall!

With its many varieties, potato is a vegetable that is consumed in September, but also throughout the year.
Well-known vegetable, the potato is eaten in all forms and in many dishes (mashed potatoes in their jackets, in salads, in foil, etc…).

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