How to Make a Successful Chocolate Sauce

Good food lovers are always looking for originality to dazzle their guests or for their own guilty pleasure. To do this, chocolate sauce is a kind of simple, but powerful weapon. It usually accompanies a dessert but can be very suitable to decorate a salty dish or an entire meal. It can make an ordinary recipe into a true culinary masterpiece. Respect the right dosages and cooking times are key for the success of this chocolate sauce.

1. The basic earnings

Chocolate sauces can contain as many ingredients as desired. They have a rather sweet flavor and usually accompany a dessert, like ice or fruit. The chocolate used can be liquid, solid or powdered. Color does not matter whether white or black. In addition, it is always possible to add different flavors.

2. The classic chocolate sauce

The easiest way is to bring together:

  • 25 cl of milk,
  • 5 teaspoons sugar
  • 250 g dark chocolate.

You must have a pot in which sweet milk is boiled. Subsequently, divide the chocolate into pieces before adding them to the heated milk. This will be stirred with a whisk until the pieces melt and form a smooth sauce. These steps take about fifteen minutes and these proportions will fit perfectly to a sauce for 4 persons.

Another technique is to make a simple syrup by heating 75 ml water with 8 teaspoons of sugar or so. It is necessary to let the syrup cool. Then it is mixed with 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder. This set is again boiled while stirring with a whisk. Before stopping the operation, it should be thinned with 3 large spoons of cream. The resulting sauce is served warm.

3. Original recipes

Chocolate is a material that blends easily with other flavors such as mint or vanilla. To decorate a small assortment of pastries, ice cream or fruit cooked for 8 people, it is necessary to prepare:

  • 75 cl milk
  • 250 g chocolate or ivory black cover
  • 10 ml of a flavor essence (mint in our case)
  • 150 g of cream.

Cooking is done in 20 minutes and takes place in six steps:

  1. Gather the milk and cream and boil the mixture,
  2. Turn off the heat and stir in the chocolate into small pieces
  3. Thinner the mixture with a wire whisk,
  4. Pour the mint flavor,
  5. Rework with the whisk
  6. Put the sauce in a water bath as soon as the sauce is smooth enough to keep it warm.

4. Chocolate sauce with meat

Chocolate sauce gives a soft flavor to meals. Thus, it can enter into the composition of a recipe for lamb or beef in red wine. The following recipe is for two people.

A piece of lamb or two very thick slices, fat, salt and pepper, then coated with garlic. The lamb is quickly browned in the cooking pan with two tablespoons of olive oil. Then, the piece will be placed in an aluminum sheet to be put into the oven for 10 minutes. The rest of the ingredients is then used for the sauce. To do this, use a pan in which is mixed respectively:

  1. red wine
  2. grated rind of one orange or lemon
  3. a bay leaf
  4. thyme
  5. cinnamon
  6. pepper, in very small quantities to avoid a sauce too spicy.

Bring this base to a boiling. After 5 minutes of this treatment, set to low heat to reduce the wine. Finally, the scraped chocolate is poured into the wine, stirring constantly until sauce is smooth and shiny. Remove the roasted lamb from oven. Its juices can be mixed with the sauce. Heat the whole before serving.

5. Some tips

Depending on context, chocolate sauce can receive some unexpected ingredients. For example, during a romantic dinner, we can add edible flowers on the sauce before serving. Rose petals are ideal as decoration while serving.

6. Keep pouring chocolate

It is possible to prevent hardening of the chocolate after it melted. Just opt ​​for a semi-liquid cream or, better, a liquid cream. Poured into a pan and we add the squares of chocolate to melt for 5 minutes on the fire. We must toss gently with a wooden spoon. The secret is to incorporate 25 g of butter at the end of the process.

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