What to Do with Ratatouille Leftovers?

ratatouille leftovers photos

Got some ratatouille leftover from dinner and don’t want to eat anymore? No problem, here are 2 ways to quickly recycle your vegetable stew leftovers:

What you can do with cooked vegetable or ratatouille leftovers

1. Reheat the ratatouille and add warm water. Mix with a hand blender and you will get a sunny vegetable soup. It couldn’t be simpler!

2. Another great alternative is to make a quiche with your vegetable leftovers. Prepare your filling with eggs and cream, then add the ratatouille (drain if it’s too runny), diced chicken breast and cheese to make a savory quiche!

What about you? What are your best ways to cook your vegetable and ratatouille leftovers?

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