10 Tips for a Real Successful Puff Pastry

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Successful puff pastry: an art in a snap roll.  As you know, I am fond of magazines and when I can find tips and tricks for the kitchen, I do not hesitate.  You can read the post How to make puff pastry dough in 3 rounds, for the detailed puff pastry recipe.

Follow these tips for a successful puff pastry:

1) Stay cool: work on a cold and smooth surface (marble, stainless steel).

2) Make at least 500 g of dough.

3) Preferably, use special butter provided by certain bakers.  It is flexible and its melting point is high (36°C).  Ideal for summer, it is more foldable and is better distributed.

4) The tempera and butter must have the same consistency.  Flour as little as possible and eliminate the excess at every turn.

5) If the dough is elastic, let it rest.  If it is too soft, refrigerate.

6) Remove the dough from the refrigerator for 40 minutes before use and lower it in one direction, steadily letting it stretch toward the floor evenly, but not as thin as seen in the baking industry.

7) Be very careful not to tear the dough (butter flight risk) to avoid “breaking” the overlapping leaves.

8) Do not put foil on the weld and make decorative ridges after browning, because the egg hinders the development of the dough.

9) Cut the dough with a sharp knife to avoid crushing the leaves to the edge, thus preventing the rise.

10) To facilitate vaporization, bake on a moisted baking sheet, but not greasy (th 7-8 / 220 ° C for large pieces, 8-9/240 th ° 250 C for small), then turn down the thermostat after 10 min.

Here we are with our puff pastry dough! What are your own tips and tricks to successfully make a homemade puff pastry?

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