5 Secrets to Keep your Cheese Well


How to store cheese properly is not obvious, especially during summer. I remember during beautiful lunches that nothing was more delicious than hearing the question,”Who wants some cheese? ” at the end of the meal.

Few people say no, even if the meal is filling enough.
Just before dessert, cheese always keeps a small place.
But in summer, there are rules to follow if one wants to enjoy their cheese even longer.

The advantages of the fridge:

Placed at the bottom at a temperature between 6 and 10 ° C, cheese survive several weeks or more, if it is kept in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.  Although soft cheeses prefer a dark cellar, for the rest, nothing beats the fridge.

The selection of wooden boxes:

Unlike plastic ones, wooden boxes maintain the water balance.  Beware, however, of mixing the cheese varieties, as perfumes will interpenetrate and the risk of mold will be increased.

The gesture to be prohibited:

Never take off a cheese crust! It preserves the flavor and protects it from the mold.

The option of freezing:

It is quite inadvisable, except for soft cheese.  We cut small portions that are wrapped in paper.  Thawing is done in the refrigerator.

Before eating:

If you put it in the fridge, remember to take out the cheese at least half an hour before the meal, and place it preferably under a cheese dome.  Otherwise, cover with a moistened cloth to prevent it from drying out.  It will regain its soft texture and aromas will blossom at room temperature.

The last important point is to stop presenting cheese on an ordinary plate.  Invest in a pretty tray with a real cheese knife!

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