5 Tips To Prepare A Good Dinner When You’re Tight On Budget

how to organize a great dinner for cheap

Friends come to dinner and you cannot afford to make mistakes. Problem is that your budget is very tight. How to make it a memorable as well as an affordable meal? Here are 5 advices that might help you:

1.      Spring Cleaning

A few days before eating, thoroughly clean your home. A spider in the bathroom, or dust in the living room are always messy.

So clean dust, tidy up and ventilate. Your apartment should be clean and smell good freshness. If your budget is tight, know that white vinegar is ideal for the household.

2.      A neat decor

After cleaning your house from top to bottom, set a theme and decorate according to it. What mood did you choose: creole, eastern rustic, chic, medieval? If you lack inspiration, why not play on colors: “black & white” or “red and black”. You can also reference to a period that you enjoyed as a child, or a passion like skating or playing video games. Again, no need to ruin yourself. Open your closets and pull out everything you need to create a nice background.

3.      An exceptional meal

how to create an affordable dinner

To delight your guests, no need to buy caviar or foie gras. Instead, cook seasonal products. And to find the best price, wait for the end of the market, look for discount coupons. One tip: do not forget to bargain! You will get an additional discount.

Then, seek out original and surprising recipes. For appetizers, main dish and dessert, go for crafting unexpected flavors: like a black sesame ice cream.

Of course, do not forget to set up a nice plate and tableware to make everything perfect.

6.      Create animation

Rather than hiring a choir or organizing a firework in your garden, plan to put more games and background music to your party using the Internet or your computer.

It’s cheaper and it has always a good effect. Also remember to involve your guests. it’s up to them to make candy kebabs they will melt on the grill or dip into chocolate fondue.

Meanwhile, slip out to prepare the next dish or give a run for coffee.

5.      Take care of every moment

how to welcome guests for a cheap dinnerA friend has the sun in his eyes? Another finished her glass of wine? Pay attention to your guests. It costs nothing, yet it is priceless.

Ask your guest to serve them a second time and feel free to propose a second cup of coffee. It’s by details and attitude that you are managing a really great dinner.

Photo by Dinner Series

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