10 Delicious and Healthy Fish Recipes for Dinner

Do you cook and eat fish regularly? If it’s not the case, maybe it’s because buying and preparing a fish looks quite ovehelming when you don’t know how to do it… And it’s true that when a fish is not cooked very well, it can taste awful
Fish is so good for you and has a lot of health benefits. But cooking fish can be tedious or so boring when you don’t really know how to do it! So start to look for a healthy fish recipe in the list below: every recipe is healthy & delicious and aimed  for beginners to start adding fish in their family diet.
You’ll find very good healthy fish recipes for dinner, baked fish, steamed fish recipe as well as poached fish recipes. Make your family discover some tasty healthy fish recipes!

Simple and delicious healthy fish recipes for dinner:

  Try a Recipe:

Learn to Cook healthy Cod in Foil with Vegetables - healthy Cod in Foil with Vegetables imagePhoto credit: © Eatwell101.com

So when you have learnt to cook two or three of these fish recipes, let’s say using two or more cooking methods for fish like grilled fish, marinated fish, or baked fish, you’ll gain a lot more confidence to handle your next fish recipe for dinner. Cooking fish as a beginner looks complicated but it’s only a matter of experience. Follow the recpes above as they are not complicated and aimed at cooking beginners to make you understand how to cook fish in an easy and nice way.

If you plan to make some delicious fish for your guests at a evening dinner event, make sure everyone likes fish (or have something to propose instead, like chicken breasts), and prepare a recipe that you master at 100% so you won’t have any bad surprise during the cooking process of fish.

So, what’s your next healthy fish recipe on the menu for dinner? What was your first experience in cooking fish?

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