8 Tips To Revamp Your Kitchen Furniture Without Breaking The Bank

Sweetbrush Residence modern kitchen

Want a kitchen revamping for cheap? I give you 8 tips to refresh your kitchen cabinets… without even changing them! Kitchen refacing is easy that one can think, it only requires to take the time and dare to try!

1. Paint on the cabinets doors

To change the style, special kitchen paint  is one of the most accessible solution. Without painting all the furniture, give a brush stroke on the doors is a simple and easy. Effective too. Within hours, the play comes to life!
For a perfect result, a single constraint to follow: use a primer underlayment. In the kitchen, the support is often slippery and even paint the cabinet causing damage. The paint can leak or not hold properly. And there all over again.

2. Change the style of furniture without buying new ones

In a kitchen, furniture set the tone. When they are excessive rustic cabinets with moldings or just old-fashioned style, you can give them a different look with few resources. The idea is to glue wooden planks on the doors and give them a coat of paint. With a smooth and a nice color, kitchen furniture found a second life. Or, think of changing just de doors. Retailers as Ikea offer standards cabinets sizes where doors can be chosen independently.

3. Choose the right paint finish

In the kitchen, for convenience, the furniture must be washable. To do this, painting in satin or gloss finish is ideal. With a matte painting, furniture may get dirty very quickly. Unless you spend over a layer of varnish that will protect them.

Last tip: if you want to paint your furniture with coated paint, better remove the doors and lay them flat. The paint will adhere much better.

4. Consider painting effects for stylish effects

With painting, creative ideas are numerous. The paint effects allow to have fun and create a personal decoration. For kitchen cabinets, consider the blackboard painting. So you can write the shopping list or leave little words directly on the cabinets. In the same vein, there is also the magnetic paint. As on the fridge, you can paste over a collection of magnets. Other examples of cool effects to paint your kitchen cabinets: silver paint or hammered effect. Not to mention the many color schemes available. Painting a door of each color or create a horizontal strip of paint on the furniture: the ideas are endless!

5. Ask a coating on the doors and / or shelves

Adhesive film printing wallpaper in stainless steel and washable vinyl, there are many coating opportunities for kitchen furniture. On doors or shelves, give a real facelift, even with a tight budget. Another advantage is the adhesive film or vinyl wallpaper can vary the pleasures and create a kitchen that suits you, original and personal. But be careful, don’t abuse of cheesy patterns!

6. Changing the cabinet door handles and knobs

Ok, I should have mentioned this in number one position. Often, in rustic kitchens, the handles are the most outdated. As a detail that makes all the difference, have fun and treat this final touch. In DIY stores or specialty shops, you’ll be spoiled for choice. It is a decorative asset that should not be overlooked…

7. Bring a touch of fantasy with stencils and stickers

To revamp your kitchen furniture without any change, you can also give them easily a personal side. First idea: the stencil.Then, very popular, large block letters give, for example, a modern and industrial side to the room. Homemade solution: allow the stencil to draw the word you want. Another option is the sticker. Although this decorative trend has been seen again and again, some brands have created nice images to stick easily. Large silver spoons, bar codes or food: these images give an air of novelty to the kitchen in a jiffy.

8. Change the glass material from the cabinet’s doors

Windows from kitchen furniture are modular elements that can change the style of the room. By removing the door or by removing the frame, glass yellow floral somewhat corny can quickly be replaced. Striated or polished effect, again the choice is vast. To put you on the track, DIY stores offers a range of glazing, from 70$ per square meter.

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