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Autumn heralds the return of cabbage on your plate. Often unloved, let Romanesco cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, kale and red cabbage gain some favors in our kitchens.

Romanesco cabbage

Cauliflower from Italy, the Romanesco has a small resemblance to broccoli with its pretty green granny. Its mild and sweet flavor marries well with fish and cheese. It is steamed or cooked with a wok so that its flowers are held well. Then you can put it in a quiche, a dish, in salads or even in a small vegetable risotto.


We can easily recognize this cabbage easily with its thick green leaves and white heart. Raw, it is a perfect for a light and healthy dip appetizer. Otherwise it is cooked 15 minutes in boiling salted water, or 5 to 10 minutes under steam. After this stage, the recipe festival can start: gratin, bread, soup, donuts, pie, pudding and cream… Cauliflower gets everywhere!

Chinese cabbage

Its elongated shape is surprising. Between salad and cabbage, it likes to be eaten raw, steamed or wok. Both tender and crunchy, it’s perfect in the soup-based Japanese noodles, ramen. It can also be braised, or just the stuff for cooking blanch salad with a little rice vinegar.

Green cabbage, red cabbage

All round, the green and red cabbage add pep in the dishes. Red cabbage loves the sweet and sour: it goes well with salad and orange, carrots or apples. You can cook it until soft. With onions, carrots and a knob of homemade mayo, he make a coleslaw to die for.

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