5 Simple Ways to Introduce Color into Your Kitchen

Spring brings these warmer shades and colors  that announce summer and you would like to upgrade your kitchen with a brighter, more colorful look, according to the season? But renovating the whole kitchen isn’t in your plans right now, and that’s another kind of complicated story! So how to add color in your kitchen in a non-invasive way? Follow these 5 tips inspired by professional designers:

1. Paint the doors: Being a element of passage, it’s interesting to use your doors to create a nice accent and make it a decorative element. Picture by The Lettered Cottage.

2. Paint a feature wall: Make a bold statement, paint a wall that is well exposed to light, it will cast a shade of color over the whole room and create a great perspective effect. Picture by Lindy Williams Interiors

3. Accessorize: Using colorful vases, fruit bowls, tea towels, floral compositions! Photo by Shirley Parks Design

4. Buy colorful backsplash tiles: Bring function and decorative appeal together by using your backsplash as an accent element. Photo by Modwalls

5. Feature furniture pieces: Choose one piece of furniture — chair, cabinets doors, table — and just go wild with it using paint! Picture by Real Living

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