Table Etiquette: 5 Things to Know to Use Your Flatware Correctly

If you use your cutlery at the table correctly, it will show that you know the good manners and mark your social status. It is therefore very important to use a knife, spoon and fork when you dine in the presence of important people. Here are some tips on how to use tableware and prove your respect to table etiquette.

1) The first tip is obvious, but there is no point in continuing if you don’t observe it. Wait until the hostess starts her dish to do the same and try to eat more or less at the same rate.

2) If there are several utensils (two knives or forks, 3 spoons…) on the table, always begin with those farthest from the plate. If you have doubts, observe quietly, what the other guests around the table are doing. Know that each type of fork or knife should be used for a specific type of dish.

3) Always hold the fork with the left hand and knife with the right hand, even if you are used to do the opposite. When not using the knife, the fork remains in the right hand.

4) Never cut food with your fork, even if it’s very tender. Always use your knife and fork, and cut into small pieces.

5) Finally, make sure to always rest your cutlery in between bites and never point a fork or knife in the direction of another guest.

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