The 10 Best Cocktails Decoration Ideas

The 10 Best Cocktails Decoration Ideas

Decoration is essential when preparing cocktails, as before a feast for the palate, the cocktails serve as a feast for the eyes.  By attracting the eye, decoration creates the magic that surrounds the cocktails.. Along with choosing the right glasses, here are 10 tips on decorating cocktails:

1 – The choice of decoration

In terms of decoration, there are no real rules to follow, except for the classic cocktails that need a specific presentation; often short and simple.  The short drinks are satisfied in general with minimal decoration, while long drinks are often more ornate.

Usually the decoration should be cheerful and invigorating, while remaining simple in order to avoid overloading the cocktail.

The glass used, the color of the mixture, and its ingredients should guide you in choosing the decor.  But it is quite possible to use products that have nothing to do with the recipe. The important thing is to respect a certain harmony and stay imaginative.

No matter what, always use ripe fruits and vegetables in perfect condition.  Remember to wash before using them.

2 – Icing glasses

You can improve the look of your glasses simply by freezing them visually.  For this, simply soak the upper edge of the glass in lemon juice then the granulated sugar.  To get perfect icing, you can use two saucers; one filled with lemon juice and the other filled with sugar, where you dip the edges of the glass successively.  Let the sugar dry before pouring the liquid in the glass.

For colorful icing, you can substitute lemon juice with syrup (grenadine, mint) or a liquid color (blue Curacao).  You can frost your glass with coconut, chocolate, or coffee powder, using egg whites instead of lemon juice.

With a little experience, you can frost the glass by half or even make bi-color icing.

3 – Dusting

You can sprinkle your cocktails with grated nutmeg, chocolate powder, ground coffee or with other foods (coconut, red fruit).

4 – Fresh mint

You use it especially for compositions but also to vary the color of your cocktails.  Simply place a sprig of fresh mint in the glass, which gives a refreshing taste, or just a sprig of mint on the edge of the glass.

You can also soak the fresh mint leaves in water then drain them before sticking them on the walls of the glass.

5 – Straws, cocktail picks, and sticks mixers

They exist in a variety of colors and shapes, and they brighten up your glasses by giving them a twist.  They also prevent the guests from losing or confusing their glasses with others.

6 – Zest and fruit peel

Using a vegetable peeler, cut a dash of about 6 cm in a citrus and plunge it into the cocktail.  You can also cut the peel and hang it on the edge of the glass.

To make citrus zest spirals, cut with a strip of about 10 to 12 cm in the bark of the fruit with a canneleur.  Then wrap the strap around a straw and hold it in this position for a few seconds so it takes the form of a spiral.  Remove the straw and hang the spiral twist on the edge of the glass.

7 – Fruit slices

Using a knife, cut slices of fruit about 6 mm thick.  Incise the half and place them on the edges of the glass.  Make sure you wash the fruit first.

8 – Additional fruit

For citrus fruit (orange, grapefruit) you need to peel the fruit, that is to say, completely remove the bark.  Start by cutting the ends and peel the fruit fully, taking care to remove any skin that lies under the bark.  Then detach the neighborhoods with a knife.

For fruit other than citrus (apples, pears, peaches, apricots) diagonally cut slices, keeping the skin.  You can then arrange the districts directly in the mixture or on wooden skewers for kebab.

9 – Fruit or vegetable skewers

You can easily make skewers on wooden sticks with every kind of fruit or vegetable cut into cubes or quarters.  You then put the skewers through the glass.

10 – Exotic Fruit

Depending on season and availability, you can use many exotic fruits: Star fruit, kumquat, litchi, mango, kiwi, Peruvian ground-cherry, etc.  You can also use flowers that will bring a touch of unmatched originality to your cocktails.

Finally, you might be interested in this post about  dinner buffet decoration as it will complete the subject.

What are your perfect cocktail ornaments and decoration tips?  Got some pictures?

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