How to Choose your Milk?

How to Choose your Milk?

Milk plays an important role in the supermarket shelves. If it is often chosen randomly, though there are some important differences between the different types of milk. How do I choose milk according to their tastes (and caracteristics)?

Fresh or pasteurized?

Cow’s milk is largely stored in non-refrigerated shelves. It is then pasteurized milk, that is to say that the fermentation of bacteria and germs have been destroyed by rapid heating and cooling. Your milk keeps better. But you can also find fresh milk, proposed by the big brands who also produce pasteurized milk or in some places, from the breeding of small local producers. Last option is to consider if you desire a better tracing of the production of small farmers.

Skimmed or whole?

Among the different types of pasteurized milk, you also have the choice of milk:

– Whole (nothing is taken away to the gross proceeds);
– Semi-skimmed milk (raw milk is partly skimmed);
– Skimmed (milk cream is completely removed, this product is suitable for people concerned about their figure).

Alternatives to milk …

Many people (including children) are allergic to cow’s milk (or other animal milks such as sheep’s milk) or simply doesn’t like it. If this is your case, then you can look for an alternative, like vegetable soy milk. Soy is largely used in many ways to substitute dairy products like yogurts, creams and so on

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